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I'm a Ph.D. student at MIT CSAIL advised by Srini Devadas. Before MIT, I did my undergrad at Brown University where I developed my current interests in applied cryptography and algorithms. In my spare time I like to make art, go on hikes, climb rocks, and run in circles around the Charles River.

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Recent Projects
High-bandwidth Anonymous Broadcasting
How do you broadcast high-bandwidth documents (e.g., video leaks) anonymously, even when the entire network is monitored?
We design Spectrum, a system for anonymously broadcasting large files over an untrusted network without leaking any metadata.
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Learning-Based Frequency Estimation in Data Streams
How can we exploit patterns in data streams to improve frequency estimation over heavy-tailed distributions?
We find that partitioning the stream with the help of an oracle (NNet) and using a "median-sketch" can significantly reduce average error on relative, absolute, and weighted error metrics.

Exceptional Device Access with a Social Cost
How do you give law enforcement exceptional access to locked devices without risking masss urveillance? We design a system for providing exceptional access while using other devices as a "jury" to impose a social for each unlock request.
Paper [draft]
Selected Publications
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